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Welcome to the Dye Jordy Dye blog!

Welcome to the Dye Jordy Dye blog!

Welcome to the brain of Dye Jordy Dye. I'm Jordy, head dyer here. I create the tie dye and do most of the behind-the-scenes stuff! In my real life, I'm a professional organizer, which is super fun and rewarding! I love helping people. I also love making art, which is why we're here, reading this!



So welcome to the blog! There will be lots of exclamation points... and LOTS of photos of Ruby!! Speaking of Ruby, let's introduce her! Ruby is one year old, loves the beach, loves wearing tie dye, and has even been known to eat tie dye when the humans aren't looking. If you haven't guessed yet, she's a dog. Her favorite things (other than tie dye) include her monthly super chewer Bark Box, socks, weeds, and of course, treats. She is the goodest girl.


Now that you have been properly introduced to Ruby, it's time to meet the tie dyers in training! They are 2/3 of my kids and pretty much the best humans ever. Nate is 13 and loves to skateboard. His favorite food is pizza, and he loves to tie dye! His goal is to start a business on his own one day! Caroline is 8, loves Stitch and donuts, specifically chocolate iced with sprinkles. She is a future graphic designer and wants to own 300 cream golden retrievers. Who doesn't want to own 300 cream golden retrievers??


Thanks for visiting and getting to know us! Come back soon, as we are always making new stuff, and we hope you find something amazing to wear! 

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